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Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for supporting projects. Contributors participate and support projects by making donations or purchasing "rewards" packs. In other words, in exchange for a financial contribution, the project owner offers you products or services as a thank-you.


On Kickstarter, projects are all at different stages of development. Sometimes the business is launched and the fundraising campaign is used to initiate the first sales, sometimes it's a mock-up project and the campaign is used to finance R&D etc.


For GOLOD, the campaign will help launch the business. With R&D finalized and the production line ready, we're offering you the chance to be among the first buyers of our compact, all-in-one sports training machine.


See you on November 24 on the Kickstarter site and on the GOLOD project page, where we'll be sharing our genesis, our story and our vision. You'll be able to find "rewards" packs that you can buy:


- If you want to buy the Golod machine as a gift, you'll get it at a preferential rate compared with the future retail price.

- Or you don't want the Golod machine, but you'd like to take part, so choose a sports accessory pack that you can use at hom or gaym and without the machine.


We welcome any contribution you can make to the success of the GOLOD project! So THANK YOU!



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